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Types of watches to own ?

October 26, 2017

What kind of watch goes excellent with your outfit?

Welcome to the men’s world! Today we will talk about our passions and about our ways of spoiling ourselves. 359 Watches is all about stylish men. Even if we are „just men” like most of the women like to call us, we too care about our looks and about our accessories. The most important and valuable jewelry for a man is his wristwatch. When it comes to men jewelry, this is what defines a man. I know some of you may wear a bracelet, a tie needle or even an earring...well, let’s not go that way. Let’s focus on the wrist watches.

Every brand has its story and most of the watch lovers are identifying themselves with a specific story and that’s why they become a fan of a certain watch brand.

But some men are asking themselves why should I wear a watch or what watch should I wear or even how to match this watch with my personal outfit?

These complicated questions have simple answers.

A man who wears a watch is a man of style who knows a lot about fashion and has a clear idea about accessorizing his apparel. If you think that these days when modern gadgets tell us the time, a wristwatch is useless, it means you should really learn about style some more. The accessories we wear say a lot about our personality and it definitely completes our outfit.

The watch industry evolved a lot and the watches are now made in different styles using different kind of straps and several designs, just to make it easy for you to choose the matching one.

As a stylish man, you should have an entire collection of wrist watches. Just how you have different kinds of clothes, you should also have a watch for each and every one of your apparels.

Let’s say you are attending a special event where you have to wear a suit. You should accessorize it with a leather strap watch. The strap should suit the shoes, the belt or the tie. A simple design is required for such an outfit because you don’t want to be dressed impeccably and have a fancy or colorful wristwatch. Choose a black or a brown stripe watch to go great with your suit.

The most wanted and most worn watches are the casual ones because most of the time we dress casually. In this case, you can also choose a strap or a stainless steel bracelet watch. The watch can either have a simple quadrant or be a chronograph watch. The chronograph watches are the most suitable ones for a casual outfit. It will match with a jacket and a T-shirt or with a pair of jeans and a casual shirt.

There are also the sports watches. These watches can come with a rubber strap or a stainless steel bracelet. We don’t recommend the sports watches that come with a leather strap.

What kind of strap to choose for a sports watch? Well, it depends. If you just dress sport because you want to take a cozy walk in the park or you just want to hang out a little, a bracelet sports watch should be a good idea. The rubber strap watches are suitable if you go to a sports match, such as basketball, football or even polo. All these sports watches are waterproof.

As you see, 359 Watches keeps it simple. Choosing a wristwatch is not such a hard task. Whenever you don’t know what watch to choose, come back and read this again. If you haven’t started your collection or your collection is incomplete, let’s do something about it.