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How to buy a watch ?

October 24, 2017

Professionals compare a watch with a diamond. Just as diamonds are women’s best friends, wristwatches are men’s best pals. As a man, your wristwatch is that special accessory that draws attention. In this article, you will find out 5 things you really have to know before ordering a wristwatch:


Why do you need a watch?

It is necessary to know why you need a watch. There are watch lovers who simply love watches and collecting watches became a hobby for them. But you are not one of them and you have to know yourself and answer these questions: Do I need a watch just to know the time? Do you want to attract admiration? Do you want to have a watch to complete your day-by-day outfit? The answer should be YES to all. If you have answered with no to any of the above, you are not prepared to have a real wristwatch yet. When you buy a watch you have to be proud of it, it has to look great and it has to work perfectly. So why do you need a watch? For efficiency, style, and originality.


Choose a comfortable watch

It’s very important to wear a watch that makes you feel comfortable when wearing it. There are some watches that can harm your wrist. As watch lovers, we know about this aspect, so on 359 Watches, you will only find comfortable watches.


The movement

Watches can be mechanical, automatic or on batteries. The first ones are pretty expensive because they say it will last forever. The ones on batteries, with a Quartz movement, are much accessible. It is known that a quartz movement watch is more accurate than any other kind of watch. A quartz watch has a “life expectancy” of 30 to 40 years until it needs the first reparations. So, we may say that a quartz movement it is also a forever watch.


Why size matters!

Because you don’t want a wall watch sitting on your hand. You want a watch to fit perfectly on your wrist. The sports watches are usually the bigger ones, but most of them come with a rubber strap or a stainless steel bracelet. The sports watches are bigger because their movement is more complicated. All sports watches are waterproof and have a lot of functions, such as chronometer. Browsing through our catalog, you will see that on 359Watches you will only find comfortable and excellent watches. Feel free to find the perfect size for you.


Why are straps so important?

A long time ago, watches were made only with leather straps or stainless steel bracelets. Nowadays, you can choose from a large variety of strap material such as rubber or leather imitation. It is important to know that a metal strap is not that suitable for all kinds of wristwatches. This kind of bracelet is suitable mostly for sports watches because they are worn mostly in the hot seasons. Having a stainless steel bracelet watch will keep your hand cold and during the winter season is not such a good idea. With a leather strap or a rubber strap, uncomfortable things like this won’t happen. Also, a leather strap can be easily changed so you can have more colors for your watch. You can have an elegant watch and you can change its strap from time to time depending on what suit you will wear.

“Keep these important things in mind and never buy a watch that doesn’t satisfy all your needs. The 359 Watches Catalog is one of the largest watches catalogs on the market.”